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I use two cameras. My didigital camera is a Canon Powershot SD 1200 IS. My other camera I use is a Nikon D40. If you are looking for a a good camera in your price range look here at this website: They have price ranges between $130 to $7,500.

I usually take pictures of flowers, outdoor scenary, house hold items, food and I’m being to take pictures of people. For starters it’s good to start taking pctures of mainly flowers so you can mess with the settings on the camera, check out the angles, high/low on the flower, and get a feel for things.

Thins to watch as a photograpger: You don’t want every picture to look the same so do different angles of whatever your taking. Try several angles until you find the one that looks best and unique. Also pay attention to the levels in the photo. A photo with several level is more atttractive to the himan eye. An example of this is the picture of the feild, trees, then sky with my friend as the model in them.

If you need anything else; contact me here:

NOTE: I don’t edit them at all. If I ever did it would just be changed to black and white and croppping. I use picnik for changing them black to white and for cropping.